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Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) process:

The CIE regulations are governed by the principles of the NACSC assessment and Learning policy and guidelines of SPPU, Pune. HEI follows the means of the formative and summative assessment in the evaluations of the learning process and not simply a measurement of it. The policy encompasses the following five principles:

  1. Assessment will promote learning
  2. Feedback is a core component of assessment
  3. Assessment will be considered at the programme level
  4. Assessment will be fair, ethical and learner-centred
  5. Good practice will be supported

The Continuous Assessment (CA) procedures apply to all elements of student assessment except final examinations. CA may include practical exercises, written assignments, projects, oral presentations, seminars/GD, and tests, depending on the programme of study. The function of continuous assessment is to facilitate student learning by:

  1. Reinforcing and expanding students’ learning.
  2. Measuring and certifying students’ learning.
  3. Assessing the students’ practical application of course and its theoretical knowledge.
  4. Providing feedback to students learning progress.
  5. Counselling and motivating students to work throughout the programme.
  6. Supporting diversity in learning styles among students.

CIE follows the aspects of Bloom’s taxonomy while framing the questions and problems in order to ensure the achievement of learning outcomes. Any special assessment requirements (content beyond syllabus) and assessment instruments will also be identified and specified.

Communication of CA Information & Results:

At the beginning of the semester/year each student will be given:

  1. A schedule for CA which contains an overview of the compilation of marks for each course as set out in the course structure.
  2. An outline of elements of the CA (recoverable or non-recoverable).
  3. Deadlines for the conduct/submission of CA elements
  4. Emphasis on special regulations that relate to assessment which have specific pass requirements.
  5. The criteria to be used for marking the assessment element
  6. Model answers should be provided to the students after the test immediately.
  7. Evaluated answer sheets with feedback should be provided to the students
  8. The results of CA will be communicated to students within a reasonable period.
  9. All Ph.D. students must submit all written assignments with a signed coversheet.
  10. The records of CA/CIE are maintained in respective departments and made available whenever required.
  11. The students who missed/were absent for CA/CIE will be given opportunity to reappear for the CA as per the procedure.
  12. If the students are not satisfied with CIE, the CA is reviewed unbiased.