Evaluation / Assessment Policy for Add on / Certificate Courses


College offers Add on / Certificate Courses approved by College Development Committee (CDC). The curriculum of the courses has been prepared by the college faculty locating the college students need. Students can choose the courses as per their requirement which help them to acquaint with the required professional skills. Departments of the different streams carried out the evaluation process with different strategies.

Policy Statements:
Policy Statement for Arts:

College faculties framed the syllabus of Add on /Certificate Courses at undergraduate and post graduate level. Syllabus content of these courses are conveyed to college students through lectures and by other means. Students are involved in many activities throughout the course of more than 30 hours. The performance of the participated students is evaluated by the written examination at the end of the course. The questionnaires are set as per the content of the course comprising of multiple-choice questions. The result of these examinations is declared and participated students are awarded with issuing the certificate.

A question paper of 25 objective questions is prepared for soft skill development program. Each question carries 2 marks. A certificate is awarded to a student who secures 20 marks out of 50 marks. For the evaluation of Modi Script certificate course, a paragraph of Modi Script is provided to translate in Devanagari script. In this examination the students who will get 4 marks out of 10 marks will be eligible to get the certificate.

Policy Statement for Commerce:

The Commerce faculty offers certificate course Retail Marketing. The students of commerce faculty are preferably enrolled in this course. Students of commerce faculty engaged in many sessions including lectures and practical sessions. At the end of the course examination is conducted and after the declaration of the result certificates are distributed to the participated students.

Policy Statement for Science:

Considering the recent advantages in the field of Science and Technology college faculties prepares curriculum of the add on /certificate courses on practical based for science students. This results to help students to imbibe the practical and professional skills among them. The method of selecting students for this course is decided by the faculty as per the overall performance of the student in the class. Throughout the course there is a continuous evaluation process engaging students in practical, individual performance, group activity etc. At the concluding stage examination are conducted, results declared and certificate distributed to those students on the basis of the regular attendance.