Cultural Activities

The aim of education is to develop the students holistically. Along with the curriculum, when we are organizing other cultural activities for the students. It is helping a lot in developing the artistic talents of the students. The college always organizes various competitions and cultural program under cultural activities. Students are developing social, political, economic and cultural knowledge. We are reporting it as follows.


  • To preserve, innovate and promote, develop and disseminate art, culture, education & social welfare.
  • To develop and promote the rich diversity and uniqueness of the various arts. To upgrade and enrich consciousness of the people about their heritage with special emphasis on Punjabi folk dance tradition.
  • To lay special emphasis in its activities on the linkages among various areas through evolution of styles and their contribution to the larger composite identity of cultural heritage of the India.
  • To make special efforts to encourage folk tradition and to frame special programs for the preservation and dissemination of this art.


Sr.No. Name of Events Date Coordinator
1. National Sports Day 29th August Dr. R. D. Shirke
2. Teacher's Day 5th September Dr. D. M. Shete
3. Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October Dr. D. M. Shete
4. Constitution Day 26th November Dr. S. R. Dudhkawade
5. Savitribai Phule Jayanti 3rd January Dr. D. M. Shete
6. Annual Prize 2nd February All Staff
Distribution Function
7. Mother Language Day 22nd February Dr. D. M. Shete
8. Marathi Official Language Day 27th February Dr. D. M. Shete
9. Speech Competition 25-30 March Dr. D. M. Shete
10. Mahatma Phule Jayanti 11th April Dr. D. M. Shete
11. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti 14th April Dr. D. M. Shete
12. Maharashtra Din 1st May All Staff