Department of Economics

  1. Year of Establishment General:1999-2000
  2. Year of Establishment Special:2000-2001

New Cource:1) Modi Script Training Course

Programes/Cources :(U.G) BA
Faculty Profile
# Name Qualification Designation Specialization Experiance
Dr. S. K. Dhage M.A., LLB, MPhil, Ph.D Principal Economics --
Pandarkar B.R M.A , NET MPhil Assistant Professor & Head Economics 07 Years

Qualifications of teaching faculty
Sr.no Name of the Faculty M.Phil Ph.D
1 Dr. S. K. Dhage 1985 1999
2 Pandarkar B.R. 2009 Ongoing

Departmental Projects
Sr.no Level Funding Agency Coridinator Grant Sanctioned
1 Major UGC Dr. S. K. Dhage 7000000
2 Minor SPPU Dr. S. K. Dhage 80000
3 MRP BCUD (2009) Dr. S. K. Dhage 759200
UGC (2011-2013)

Name Of Faculty Member Dr. S. K. Dhage Pandarkar B.R
Number of papers published in peer reviewed journals -- 04
Journal Article 40 --
Book in Chapter 16 --
Bookd 34 --

Ph.D Guidence
Name of Faculty Dr. S. K. Dhage
No. of Ph.D Student Awarded 18
No. of Ph.D Student Ongoing 08

M.Phil Guidence
Name of Faculty Dr. S. K. Dhage
No. of M.Phil Student Awarded 33
No. of M.Phil Student Ongoing 00
Awards 04