Academic Bank of Credit


The choice-based credit system (CBCS) for all programs is fully implemented from the academic year 2019-20 as per the guidelines of UGC and SPPU, Pune. Being an affiliated college, HEI follows the CBCS system and the university has a depository for credits in the form of ABC. HEI couldn’t register for the ABC on National Academic Depository (NAD) as an affiliated college. As and when HEI attains a status of an autonomous institute, it will register for ABC. SPPU recently (15.10.2022) instructed with a mandate for students to create an ABC id by registering at http://abc.gov.in/ to digitally store the academic credits earned by students from HEIs. This facilitates students to choose their own learning paths to attain degree/diploma/certificates in context with multiple entry and exits as well as any-time, any-where, and any-level of learning. Now, students have registered with ABC id. Institute is registered as SWAYAM-NPTEL Local chapter (3189) and the students are encouraged to enrol in various courses offered by renowned institutes from where the students may earn credits.

SPPU Lettter for implementation of the Academic Bank of Credits_15102022